our partners

Every year we welcome at the Auberge du Cèdre partners from France or abroad, who are at liberty to organize their own activities, either outside in the park or on the terraces, in the conference rooms, or in the large meeting room at the Château de Cazeneuve next door, as well as in the vicinity.

We regularly accommodate company meetings or seminars, universities or research institutes scientific conferences, for one day or in residence, just like training courses in Yoga, Tango, personnal development, languages…

Here are some examples:

Yoga Yatra – a journey within your journey

To be a guest at the Auberge is already a treat for all your senses.
And what a pleasure to be able to have an attentive look at oneself!
With Yoga Yatra.

Yoga shows you the different postures, attitudes, that get you going outwards – as well as inwards.
Yatra means a “journey.” Spring, when nature wakes up anew, is a good time for Yoga: every morning starting with a greeting to the sun, in a posture involving the whole body, you will discover your own serenity in the reciprocity between movement and relaxation.  Treat yourself to one week of Yoga and fill up with a whole new energy.
Yoga Yatra at L’Auberge – initiate the revitalization of all your senses…       more information…

08.04. – 16.04.2023



Yoga & Vedic Chanting

Yoga ist ein ganzheitlicher Übungsweg, der unsere Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit entwickelt, unser Verständnis von uns selbst verbessert und uns im Leben glücklicher und zufriedener machen kann.

Diese Woche bietet die Möglichkeit, einen Abstand zum betriebsamen Alltag und, mit den Mitteln des Yoga, Zugang zu den eigenen Ressourcen zu finden. Sich selber erleben in den Bewegungen in Verbindung mit dem geführten Atem birgt ein großes Potential, Aufmerksamkeit für sich selber zu entwickeln. Atemübungen und angeleitete Meditationen werden im Laufe der Woche intensiviert.



Tango Fuego – Tango in Osnabrück – Tangoreisen

Tango Trip to Lauret, in southern France

It’s already the 19th year that we’re travelling to the South of France! Lauret, a small village in Languedoc – a Mediterranean landscape of hills and vineyards.

3 hours a day devoted to training and in the evening, you can dance Tango either by the fireplace here or in Milongas in Nimes and Montpellier.
We stay at the Auberge du Cèdre, in the old master house of the domain, renovated with taste. Pleasant rooms, fireplaces, a former orangery turned restaurant flooded with light, a splendid swimming pool, lawns and sunny terraces. And to top it all, an excellent cuisine coupled with the best wines around.

Where Tango and the best of southern France meet together.

16.09. – 23.09.2023   +   16.09. – 30.09.2023  +  30.09. – 07.10.2023


Tela Botanica

Tela Botanica – the French-speaking botanists’ network

Botany – to be trained to identify wild plants

Amateurs, professionals, teachers come to discover the essential resources of the plant world. All the botanical content is copyright free and you can use it freely as well as add to these resources.