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Auberge, instructions for use

let's put pen to paper ...

The Auberge du Cèdre came about because a number of people from very different backgrounds all fell in love with this beautiful house in the middle of the vineyards and shared the dream of creating somewhere warm and welcoming...
that was back in 1988.

Although the Auberge has grown and matured since then it’s still a hotel like no other. To start with, the only stars to guide you are those in the dark Languedoc sky, as our "chambres d'amis" don’t fit in with any of the usual hotel classification systems. The house is more like a kind of "laid-back bed and breakfast", with the atmosphere of a large old family home, somewhere you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life with no fuss.

It’s important to us for the Auberge to be small enough not to lose the human touch, we want it to feel low-key but full of life, somewhere everyone has a sense of freedom and can feel at ease and at home – even though they’re not really, of course! – with just the essential, discreet service which is there when you need it, but without anything conventional, ostentatious or superfluous.

So, although we won’t be fussing over you from sunup to sundown, you will certainly find answers to your questions. There’s a reception and a bar, both of which are open all day, but we won’t come and serve you at the swimming pool. There’s no bellboy to take your luggage - but obviously we can always give you a hand with that.

We only come into your rooms once every three days, and we ask you to be environmentally responsible and use your towels several times. To us this feels like no more than a kind of common sense and it also helps to keep our prices reasonable, whilst at the same time allowing you to hang onto your privacy

The rooms don’t have TVs, telephones, mini-bars or any other technological marvels - the Auberge will remain as low-tech as possible. We spend so much of our time nowadays sitting in front of screens that we feel it’s more important than ever for there to be some places where you can stay away from the immediate, constant demands of life tethered to information networks. But even so, you can connect to the free WiFi, if you want to.

And, above all, there are real people present for you, all day long, to serve you, to inform, to answer your questions: do not hesitate to talk to us, directly, most of all problems are so easy to resolve... 

Our half-board package offers a set menu for the day, designed to offer a varied meal every evening at an affordable price. Although it’s all home-made and is very popular, it’s necessarily more simple than the restaurant menus which are served at weekends and take more of a "gastronomic" approach. Even so, obviously you can always top up your meal with some tapas, home-made foie gras, matured cheeses - and dive into our amazing list of Languedoc wines!

We're very proud of having a truly multilingual mixture amongst both our guests and our members of staff, and their loyalty reflects the approach we take as a responsible, human-oriented company. Even though our business is of a seasonal nature, the bigger part of our staff members are on year-round contracts and all profits are either reinvested or else distributed among our employees via a profit-sharing agreement.

If all this sounds like your kind of thing we feel sure you’ll enjoy yourself here.

So, we look forward to seeing you at the Auberge soon! 

Françoise Antonin & Lutz Engelmann

                              on behalf of the whole team & the fifty joint owners